“7 in 10 people in Hong Kong intended to volunteer, but only 3 had pitched in over the past 12 months” according to a recent SCMP study. 根據一項由南華早報十個香港人想參與義工活動、但只有三個在過去十二個月中真的有參與義工活動。

Why is this happening? 這是什麼一回事?
What do we need to get best engagement result? 怎樣得到最好的互動結果?
How can story telling help my organization stand
如何利用“Story Telling” 說出獨特機構個性? 

“Online” Volunteer Recruitment Series:

  • Better understand volunteer recruitment in the digital age 讓你了解今天在數碼年代的義工招募對NGO工作是什意義
  • Analyze the needs of your volunteer audience 分析機構義工的需要
  • Learn how to segment your audience and identify the respective delivery channels 學習如何針對受眾群在有效的渠道進行傳訊工作
  • Define and clarify your message as an organization, tailored to your audience 找出清楚有力及具針對性的機構信息
  • Get a chance to present your story to win a video production service on your NGO’s story 參與競逐、贏取由專業公司為其製作度身訂造短片的機會

1st Session (EQUIP Phase) 
Beginner training in volunteer recruitment and engagement.
Date & Time:
June 12th, 2020 (Fri) 9am – 1pm
Participation method: Zoom

2nd Session (BUILD Phase) 
A deep dive training in strategic messaging, visual storytelling, and
tips of using social media

Date & Time: July 3rd, 2020 (Fri) 9am – 1pm
Participation method: Zoom