We love stories but they can be hard to tell. Come learn how to tap into your stakeholders’ emotions and execute successful digital media storytelling – Do join our next ENGAGE – Corporate Communications series.
不論老幼,我們都喜歡聽故事。而故事的講述的確難以一言以盡。而在參加賽馬會匯創數碼計劃,你將會一窺講故事的人如何在各社交平台上講出觸動無數心靈的故事。請按此報名參與匯創 – 機構傳訊系列 – 請立即報名參與ENGAGE 的機構傳訊系列。

This is an exciting workshop opportunity for you to :

  • Learn what Corporate Communication means in a nonprofit context and why it matters
  • Understand how communications intersect with marketing and fundraising
  • Practice developing a strategic communication plan i.e. define your organization’s core message, stratify your audience, identify content assets and delivery channels
  • Learn how to craft and deliver a compelling story, and practice the delivery techniques

Join us for a deep-dive workshop in unlocking your Communication Strategy with experienced speakers, passionate NGO volunteers! Your team will work alongside from concepts to practical steps in crafting a professional corporate communication message and a storyboard for your organization to tell a compelling story.

EQUIP Session – April 1, 2020 (Wed),(9am to 2pm)
BUILD Session – April 23, 2020 (Thur), (9am to 5pm)

Fee: Free of charge
Registration Deadline: March 13 (Fri), 2020