Do you know that building a trustworthy relationship with beneficiaries is a key success factor for a healthy NGO? 

In Hong Kong alone, there are thousands of NGOs working tirelessly on a diverse range of social causes and needs. However, one of the underestimated factors holding your organization back could be your beneficiary outreach strategy. With great service, you definitely want to ensure your audiences know your cause well. With good ears, you can better refine your services. Therefore, a precise and audience-centric message can help you to do that.

Asian Charity Services is excited to present a new digital marketing series that helps you to re-think your BENEFICIARY OUTREACH. Join us at our  EQUIP session (4 OCT  9am-2pm) and BUILD* session (18 OCT  9am-5pm).   You can also find out more at ENGAGE microsite. 

We look forward to seeing you there! 


*BUILD session is by invitation only, pending EQUIP assessment