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Leaders of small-to-medium sized NGOs lack access to professional training to grow their organizations to better help vulnerable beneficiaries and alleviate complex societal issues. Asian Charity Services offer a variety of free management seminars and strategic workshops — from marketing to fundraising, strategic planning to communications — for today’s NGO leaders with the help of our deep network of passionate, skilled volunteers and generous corporate and foundation sponsors.

Asian Charity Services is a Hong Kong registered NGO since 2007.

Our Vision

We envision excellence in the standards and operations of the non-profit sector, which maximizes its positive impact on people, communities and nations, cultivating a more empathetic and serving society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to effect change and raise standards and professionalism of small to medium-sized nonprofits, enabling them to be more effective, efficient, and sustainable in serving our communities.

Our Values


We treat people with fairness and honesty in word and deed


We work with an innovative spirit in resolving complex issues


We work with accountability and stewardship in all we do


We are committed to excellence in our works, services, knowledge and morals


We believe that every individual and organization has a unique purpose and a part to play in making the world a better place for future generations

Our Story

Our founder Nancy Yang worked for years as a management consultant, then, was a mobile gaming entrepreneur.  After her company was sold to Disney in 2007, she knew she wanted to serve in the social sector but did not gravitate toward just one specific cause.  As she met up with various NGO leaders, she felt really moved by the work and the heart of so many charities. She was especially drawn to small and medium-sized NGOs whose staff persevere, in spite of their tight resources, to faithfully serve the diverse needs of our city. Faced with so many NGOs that she admired, Nancy was unsure of how best to contribute.

A light bulb lit up in her mind when her friend David Sutherland, former Morgan Stanley Chief Financial Officer in Asia-Pacific, encouraged her to start an NGO to serve NGOs. This little seed of an idea grew into what we now know as Asian Charity Services (ACS). Before long, many of their friends pitched in, offering their professional skills to help ACS and more importantly their NGO “clients.”

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They started with fundraising…

In Hong Kong, the social sector primarily consists of small NGOs. Only a tiny percentage of NGOs receives government funding (“subvention”), and smaller organizations often get caught in a cycle of under-resourcing.  If they do not have the wherewithal to write funding proposals, they cannot access resources that would allow them to grow and achieve scale. Nancy and Dave knew that what was needed most was not a book or a lecture on fundraising, but someone to walk alongside these NGOs. They then committed to setting up our flagship ASCEND workshop program, where business volunteers rolled up their sleeves alongside NGO representatives to co-write specific plans.

They then expanded the areas of support…

ACS soon realized that we could do more beyond fundraising. While there are differences between the NGO world and the for-profit business world, many skills, competencies and tools can be leveraged across both. To our delight, as we grew our programs, we met new field experts and sponsors who also joined our cause.

In the past 12 years, the social sector in Hong Kong has grown and evolved. We have also grown from just a few friends helping 5-6 NGOs to hundreds of volunteers working with hundreds of NGOs.  We created a variety of new initiatives ranging from strategy to implementation, for NGO leaders as well as their staff.

We believe that NGO capacity-building is a powerful way for NGOs, volunteers and sponsors to multiply their positive impact on society.  Every time this community comes together, we feel inspired by the wisdom and passion channelled into tackling the pressing concerns of our city.

ACS invites you to be a part of our story and join us as we “serve those who serve.”


Strategic | Passionate | Dog photographer


Engaged | Goal-getter | Connector


Diligent | Thoughtful | Food lover


Adventurous | Adaptable | Lover of good quotes


Impartial| Sociable | Humorous


Prosperous | Spontaneous | Generous


Creative | Empathetic | Watch enthusiast


Helpful | Passionate about public health issues | Bubble tea lover

Our Board

Every one of us is tenacious and dedicated and hard working. Yet we are also giving and loving and passionate. At Asian Charity Services we know we are building a stronger society supported by the professional leaders serving at NGOs across Hong Kong.

Asian Charity Services is powered by a core team of staff, both paid and volunteer. Their drive and determination bring our workshops to life with detailed planning, expert content, well-matched volunteers, and all the right NGO leadership teams represented. We have a small office in Wan Chai where we lead operations.

Over the past decade we have learned that our team members are with us for a reason, a season or for life. Some are needed for a specific project or program (a reason). Others make a longer-term commitment and support a number of projects (a season). And some have dedicated a portion of their life and career to making Asian Charity Services a success (life). For each person’s contribution we are deeply indebted and very grateful.

Thank you from Asian Charity Services.

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