Ignite is a series of pro-bono, uniquely designed "train-as-you-do" half-day training seminars for leaders of high impact NGOs with the mission of fulfilling their capacity building needs, which are ongoing and critical to the effectiveness and sustainability of the local community. Ignite is distinguished as the "bridge between sectors" by the sharing of best practices between corporate and social worlds. Ignites'  features include world-class speakers, who are subject specialists providing first-hand experience and real-time relevant training; constructive content including surveys and interactive breakouts to provide solid ideas to NGO's common organizational challenges; and provision of networking and peer learning opportunities.

Past Ignite Seminar topics include:

"Adaptable Leadership for Non-profit" Presentations & Summary
"Transform your Annual Report and Elevate your Message" Presentations & Summary
"Data Demystified - Harnessing The Power of Data For Decision Making" Presentations & Summary
"Fundraising: Use Storytelling to Stand Out from the Crowd" Presentations & Summary
"Crowdfunding for Nonprofits: More than Fundraising" Presentations & Summary
"Strategic Communication: Message to Media"
"Strategic Communication: It's not just about you"
"Strategic Fundraising: Getting the Right Grant at the Right time"
"Employee Engagement and Enablement: How can your NGO and Staff thrive?"
"Leadership Succession: Planning for the Future now"
"Corporate Partnership 企業合作夥伴  – 共獻共建" Presentations & Summary
"Igniting an Innovative NGO Culture" Presentations & Summary
"Shaping your NGO Board: What is the right composition?" Presentations & Summary
"Measuring your Mission for Impact" Presentations & Summary
"Leveraging Volunteers to Further Your Mission" Presentations & Summary
"Corporate Partnerships: Donations and Beyond" Presentations & Summary
"NGO Collaboration: from Cooperation to Integration" Presentations & Summary
"Organizational Growth : How to Take the Next Step" Presentations & Summary
"Should Nonprofits Make a Profit?" Presentations & Summary
"Fundraising: How to reach Foundations" Presentations & Summary
Leadership Development: "Building NGO Impact Through Strategic Public Relations" Presentations & Summary




"Their [volunteer consultants'] devotion and involvement are highly appreciated. Their expert knowledge skills and advice are valuable for me."
Christina Cheung, Senior Counsellor, The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong

"Very much appreciate the time, effort and attention given by the volunteer consultants. Their contribution has been significant."
Alexandra Tracy, Chairman, ASrIA

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