Strategic Planning is a vital management tool affecting fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide an organization.

Provide inspiration and set priorities:
As leaders of nonprofits spend more time and effort evaluating and articulating their aspirations, this will not only inspire the people who work for the organization but also define the overall approach and set priorities for action.

Provide direction and demonstrate success:
An effective strategic plan will provide a direction as well as define and communicate your nonprofit's success to the stakeholders. It determines where your organization is heading over the next few years and how to get there.

Set clear mission:
Usually, major funding comes from people and donor groups who have come to know and love your organization and its mission.

Measure results:
While it is easy to compare the success of two businesses based on their profits, it is much harder to do so among nonprofits. To determine your nonprofit's success, it is necessary to look at your achieved results against the self-determined goals with a strong strategic plan.

A clear direction and focus that will increase your organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Establish a base from which progress can be measured.

Establish a mechanism for informed change when needed.

Ensure the most effective use of your nonprofit's resources by focusing on the key priorities.


Assess your nonprofit's readiness to plan.

Advise on your nonprofit's overall direction on mission, vision and values and tailor strategies and action plan to achieve your goals.

Help to define and articulate the purpose of your nonprofit.

Communicate your goals and objectives internally.

Establish and prioritise realistic goals and objectives consistent with the mission in a defined time period.


"Through the discussion, I have the chance to know more about the Organization & its corporate strategies. The workshops are very useful. The consultants are well-prepared for the workshops and whole-heartedly assist us to think about the road to go."
Fannie Wong, Director, HR & Administration, Hong Kong Society for the Blind

"ACS provides a great opportunities for different sectors to interact and benefit each other. It was a very valuable experience and we are grateful to ACS and all the volunteers."
Nancy Lee, Development Manager, PathFinders Ltd

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