Human Resource (HR) Management involves a strategic approach to managing the organization's most valued asset the workforce.

Drive organization with people capabilities:
HR represents the collective capabilities and experiences of its people who individually and collectively drive the organization towards achieving its mission and goals.

Manage diversities for greater synergy:
People who are involved with nonprofits come from diverse backgrounds and include unpaid staff, such as volunteers and board members. Operating under such a complex organizational structure as compared to the for-profits means a sound HR system becomes vital for success.

Grow resources through talent development:
The limited budgets in nonprofits tend to have a negative impact on compensation and opportunities for staff training and development. ACS believes this mindset of undervaluing its people has to change in order for the organisation to be sustainable and experience healthy growth.

Attract the best talents in the nonprofit sector with a sound HR strategy and competitive packages on remuneration and compensations.

Increase productivity and quality of work.

Ensure continuity and sustainability of the nonprofit which operates in a sector that has a high employee turnover rate.

Develop a strong and motivated team which has maximum impact on fund-raising activities.

Minimize overall recruitment, management and hiring costs.

Provide basic HR management tools, such as benefit administration, payment management.

Review and advise in areas such as the structure of your HR team, HR policies and practices and succession planning.

Provide staff training and development in areas such as employment law, company insurance and volunteer management.



"The learning we got from the training sessions are very important and helpful to us, we are eager and excited to apply them to our work in the coming days. Thanks for giving us the energy and support in our journey striving towards our mission and vision."
Helina Yuk, Director, HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre

"They are very focused, professional & able to enable us to grow. And their supports make me feel the charity is important in what it does."
Luna Chan, Chief Executive Officer, PathFinders Ltd

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