Fundraising strategies, the lifeblood of an organization, help attract funding and resources to an organization to enable growth and sustainability.

Maximize funding and ensure sustainability:
The real world of fundraising is a hard place especially as governments around the world, including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government, have been cutting back on funding in recent years. Hence, having a strong fundraising strategy is important for nonprofits to be sustainable and have a long-term impact on the communities they serve.

Achieve mission:
A major challenge facing all nonprofit leaders in Asia today is ensuring that the organization has the financial resources it needs to realize its vision and achieve its mission. As the programs and projects of nonprofits expand and more organizations arise to serve the communities, there is a greater need and competition for funds.

Effective fundraising plans secure the resources nonprofits need at the right time and the right place to achieve the organization's mission.

Effective fundraising strategies go beyond the traditional ways of seeking funds such as web-based and ethical fundraising tactics - and are diversified to ensure stability of funding.


Assess your nonprofit's strengths and weaknesses to determine your competencies, strengths, assets, stakeholders, competitors, etc.

Consult on the funding mix and potential partners.

Provide education and training on the fundamentals of grant writing, how to write a fundraising proposal and presentation.

Provide training on branding, event marketing and public relations.


"These were thought-challenging workshops! But you would gain a lot from those ACS consultants with expert knowledge in the field of marketing and service planning!"
Grace Lee, Education Officer-in-charge, The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong

"Enlightening. The sharing & discussion are inspiring. The view points from volunteers on the topic we discussed are valuable for our future reference."
Phoenix Cheung, Factory Manager, Hong Kong Society for the Blind

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