A well-established board directs, leads and supports the growth of an organization and the roles of senior management and board directors have become increasingly important.

Develop capacity and achieve mission:
Board governance is key to a nonprofit's ability to develop its strategic direction and capacity, and to achieve its mission.

Provide leadership and stewardship:
The Board plays a crucial role in nonprofits as they are accountable to the funders, members and stakeholders. Their roles are governance, leadership and stewardship of the assets and generally, there is plenty of room for improvement in board governance for nonprofits.

Ensure accountability and transparency:
As public money shrinks and demand for services grows, there is increased pressure on nonprofits to provide stronger accountability, transparency and credibility as they present themselves to the stakeholders.

Ensure maximum impact:
Nonprofit board members often struggle to make their meetings interesting, meaningful and valuable to the organization as well as the individual Board members. There is a need to better engage and maximise the impact of the Board.

Strengthened knowledge base and skill sets of individual board members and the Board as a whole.

A more effective board structure that enhances decision-making and reporting processes.

A more successful board that maximises its contributions, such as impact on fundraising activities and raises confidence of stakeholders.

Assurance of the most effective use of your nonprofit's resources by focusing on the key priorities.

Enhanced performance monitoring and assessment to enable the Board to lay out the best overall strategic directions.

Provide training for executives as well as for board members and distinguish their roles and responsibilities.

Educate the board in areas such as regulations that govern nonprofit boards, how to run an effective board meeting and resource development which includes diversifying income streams and fundraising leadership.

Provide strategic counselling on effective board structure and a reporting system within the board as well as with the staff.

Design an effective plan to recruit and orientate board members, encourage active participation and commitment within the board.


"Fruitful experience for me. They are really professional, learnt a lot from them."
Anita Lee, Officer (Resource Development and communication), Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

"The experience with ACS has always been great. Always sensitive. always very constructive and fruitful. All volunteers are very dedicated and committed!"
William Leung, Programme Manager, KELY Support Group

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