Give Back Your professional skills can be used to help nonprofits to be more effective in addressing the manifold social challenges you see today.
Network Expand your social reach by working with other like-minded business professionals and nonprofit leaders to make our society a better place.
Learn Gain insights into the social issues of today and develop your awareness of what part you can play to effect change at the leadership level.

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If you wish to volunteer with ACS and share your time and expertise with nonprofits, please see Consulting Opportunties - Give Time.


  Asian Charity Services (ACS) has an extensive network of volunteer consultants, currently more than 500 people and growing. They have an average of over 10 years work experience, and are often senior management staff of local and international blue chip companies. They include bankers, investment bankers, business consultants, accountants, lawyers, HR managers and coaches, branding/communication/media executives and IT executives, who embrace the opportunity to apply their business and professional skills to serve nonprofits in a high-impact and personal way. 
Past Volunteer Consultants


    ACS provides a structured curriculum which guides the discussions between the nonprofit leaders and the volunteer consultants. Volunteers will receive customized training on facilitating strategic analysis and conducting practical research studies.  The project scope, roles and responsibilities will be explained and defined at a briefing prior to the workshops. They will receive background information and initial analysis on their assigned charity client in order to prepare themselves. Their main tasks include providing consultative advice, coaching, facilitating, and offering strategic insights. 

Volunteer consultants are expected to attend three evening workshops of three hours each.  In between workshops, volunteer consultants will complete two pre-designed research studies, each taking about two hours.

We typically assign 4 volunteer consultants to a team to exclusively serve a nonprofit during the 4 to 6 weeks' training period. The selection of volunteer team is based on a combination of management experience, functional skills, language proficiency and fit with the nonprofit.




"Taught me a lot more about the social issues in Hong Kong; given me good experience in understanding issues that nonprofits deal with, inspiring to work with such passionate and dedicated people. Enjoy working with the ACS people and meeting other volunteers from all backgrounds and occupations. The charities have covered a broad spectrum of causes which has been truly enlightening."
ACS Volunteer Consultant - Jenny Sutton, Partner, The RFP Company (2011)

"Impactful way to help make a difference. My business skills during the day help my company/clients, at night they help save lives ."
ACS Volunteer Consultant - John Yurcisin, VP Marketing & Analytics, Ogilvy (2010)

"A program which I would highly recommend to my friends if they want to help NGOs and at the same time want to develop themselves. I have always been looking forward to attending ACS workshops."
ACS Volunteer Consultant - Ann Ling, Associate Director, Wealth Planning Consultant, UBS AG (2011)

"Interesting experience in serving, using my experience from the commercial, business world to share ideas with nonprofits . Felt very touched and encouraged by the passionate and committed nonprofits client."
ACS Volunteer Consultant - Karl Fu, Company Director (2011)

"I understand better the difficulties and challenges of starting, leading, and sustaining a charity compared to doing the same in a for-profit organization. I admire the tenacity of founders, directors, staff and volunteers of a charity who willingly sacrifice personal gain to help others."
ACS Volunteer Consultant - Lincoln Loo, Managing Director, Daniels, Fisher & White Limited (2010)


- Do you have at least five years of work experience, consider yourself a seasoned professional, and enjoy developing strategies?
- Are you prepared to donate up to 18 hours of your time within a four to six week period to complete a pro-bono ACS project?
- Are you excited to join a team of business professionals who want to use their skills to impact the community?

We value the skills, gifts and contribution that each and every one of our volunteers brings to our organization. If you are a professional and want make a difference to this world and a positive impact on nonprofits and communities through capacity building with your expertise, you are welcomed to join our ACS Volunteer Team.

To join the volunteer team or to find out more about how you can contribute as a volunteer, please complete and return the Volunteer Form to acs@asiancharityservices.org. We shall get in touch with you after we receive your form.

Volunteer Form

Apart from giving time, if you wish to support us financially, your single or monthly donations are welcomed. Please see Our Supporters.


"We greatly appreciate the strong commitment shown by the volunteer consultants to help our organization think through its mission and strategies and develop more effective action plans."
Erik Floyd, Joint Executive Director, ASrIA

"They [volunteer consultants] were all very dedicated and professional, and provided very good insight."
William Leung, Programme Manager, KELY Support Group

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