Nonprofits provide valuable services that strengthen the society in which we live, work and play. Our passion at Asian Charity Services (ACS) is to serve leaders of small to medium sized nonprofits who face capacity constraints to sustain this worthwhile work over the long term.

We are able to help through our training program and an extensive network of volunteer consultants who can offer the critical business expertise that nonprofits typically have limited access to. These volunteer consultants bring with them professional experience as bankers, investment bankers, management consultants, accountants, lawyers, HR managers, branding/communication/media executives and IT executives, and they embracce the opportunity to serve others in a high-impact and personal way.

If you wish to seek support from ACS, please see Seek Support for Your Nonprofit.

Leverage Impact more lives more efficiently and effectively by transferring business knowledge and perspectives to your organization.
Network Develop a stronger link to the talents and resources of the local business sector.
Momentum Gain great strategic momentum for your organization by capitalizing on pro bono business consulting and training provided by ACS.


Pro-bono Leadership Development
Unique opportunity to prepare current and future leaders to chart the course of growth and transformation for organizations through the ACS programs.

Overcome tremendous strategic challenges
Uncover the root causes of challenges and develop practical solutions to resolve issues at pivotal points of development.

Gain longer term sustainable perspective
Rather than react to short term funding and resources needs, create long term sustainable growth strategy and resource development plan.

Re-invigorate the leadership team
Renew the vision and enthusiasm among the board, leaders and staff through the vigorous exercise of redressing the direction of the organization.

Tap into alternative resource pool
Find access to skills, consulting and advisory services through the ACS program that would help address organizational needs.

Our training programs provide fresh ideas and approaches on identifying organizational issues, resolving them and increasing capacity as well as ensuring sustainability. Nonprofit leaders will better understand how to communicate with, set expectations for and utilize the diverse skills of staff and board members. They will be able to be more impactful in maximizing the return on investment for their donors.

We hope to have the opportunity to work with you to answer some of the following questions common to many nonprofits:
- How do I share my organization's mission and vision effectively with potential supporters?
- Does our organization have a sustainable fundraising strategy?
- To which growth opportunities should I be allocating our limited resources?
- What critical organization gaps do I need to be addressing?

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"We have seen an immediate improvement on both the strategic and program levels. For example, through recommendations to expand our board and through fine-tuning our key messages, we have been able to work with different donor groups and corporate partners we haven't been able to in the past. Many more needy families and children will benefit from, for example, our 'community training' program where donors can support specific low-income districts across Hong Kong. I highly recommend ACS to any charity who is not only ready to make a change, but also ready to put in the time and effort required to make those changes."
Pia Wong, Executive Director, Bring Me A Book (2011)

"Our participation in the ACS strategic planning process gave all of us the time to think and reflect on the macro issues facing our organization. This was a welcome respite from the day-to-day activities we are so involved with. Having volunteers from the commercial sector to work with us provided insights that not only added value to the process but also have given us linkages for future networking. "
James R. Murray, Chief Executive Officer, Plan International Hong Kong (2010)

"Our ACS strategic planning session proved to be the catalyst for phenomenal change for our organization and for myself personally. As a result, outwardly we changed our organization name and radically reshaped our entire mission, and inwardly the ACS sessions sharpened my focus and decision-making abilities to new and unexpected levels. I can honestly say that prior to the ACS session we were working with blinkers on and ACS has both widened our horizons whilst also sharpening our focus at the same time. The experience was truly exceptional and a turning point in our organization and in my personal career as well."
Christina Dean, Founder, Redress (Previously called Green2greener) (2010)

"Coming fresh from a corporate environment, this gives me foundation resources to create a more structured charity. It came at a good time as it can only have helped the restructure/ transformation. "
Claudia Schlesinger, CEO, Enlighten- Action for Epilepsy (2011)

"It [ACS training workshop] was indeed a gift which served to inspire us, open our eyes to many possibilities that would allow us to look at and develop our strengths, but also to assess those areas where we need to improve. It was like receiving a comprehensive box of tools to work with, and a set of mirrors to reflect on. The volunteers were a good fit for us in that they appreciated our vision of caring for the community. Not only were they professional, educational and informative but also sensitive to our needs. I would certainly recommend the excellence of your service to all NGO's."
Liz Chamberlain, Director, The Samaritans (2011)



Alpha Course HK

Adoptive Families of Hong Kong

American Field Services

Animals Asia Foundation

Arts with the Disabled Association HK

Association Concerning Sexual Violence
       Against Women

Association for Sustainable & Responsible
       Investment in Asia

Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge

Bring Me A Book Hong Kong

CEO Foundation

Child Development Centre at Matilda, The

Child Welfare Scheme


Christian Action

Christian Solidarity Worldwide HK Ltd

Chung King Ministry

Comfort Care Concern Group, The

CTU Education Foundation Ltd

Dragon Garden Charitable Trust

Enlighten - Action for Epilepsy


Evangel Hospital

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Family Planning Association of Hong Kong, The

Feed The Hungry

Focus On Children's Understanding in School

Focus on Film

Foodlink Foundation

Friends of Hong Kong Museum of Art, The

Friends of the Earth (HK)

Good Rock Foundation

Grace Foundation

Hands On Hong Kong

Hans Anderson Club

Harmony House

Hear Talk Foundation

HER Fund

HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre

Hong Kong Macau Conference of Seventh-Day
       Adventist Church

Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor

Hong Kong Federation of Women's Centres

Hong Kong Generation Next Arts

Hong Kong Juvenile Diabetes Association

Hong Kong Refugee Advice Centre

Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power

Hong Kong Society for the Blind, The

Hong Kong Society Rehabilitation, The

Hong Kong YWCA

Inner City Ministries

Jane Goodall Institute

Jian Hua Foundation

Joshua Hellmann Foundation for Orphan
       Disease, The

Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation

KELY Support Group, The


Leprosy Project, The

Little Life Warrior Society

Mission to New Arrivals

Oak Tree Charitable Trust, The

Operation DAWN

Oriental Horizon Educational Activities
       Centre, The

Parenting Forum

PathFinders Ltd

Pau Kwong Wun Charitable Foundation

Plan HK


Premiere Performance of Hong Kong

Rapha Foundation

Redress (Previously called Green2Greener)

Samaritans, The


Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation
       of Drug Abusers, The


Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium

Trans World Radio

Union Church

Vine Church, The

Vine Community Services Limited, The

Vision First

Watchdog Early Learning and Development Centre

Women's Foundation, The

Zigen Fund


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"Thank you for the consultants' valuable opinion and passion towards assisting our agency."
Tsang Wai Hung Wallace, Man Services & Crisis Intervention Team Supervisor, Harmony House

"Workshops are well-planned and professional. It's great to get to know the volunteers, who are professional and enthusiastic and really put in their efforts to help out."
Celine Au Yeung, Director of Finance and Human Resources, American Field Service HK

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