ACS signature training program for nonprofits encompasses Strategic Planning, Fundraising Strategy, and Board Governance. The ACS training program is uniquely designed to build up leadership teams of nonprofits. We utilize the "train-as-you-do" approach where, during our moderated training program, ACS volunteer consultants work directly alongside nonprofit leaders in tackling current strategic and organizational issues using the ACS curriculum. The entire ACS training process consists of the following steps:

- Readiness Assessment
- Volunteer Consultants Matching to Nonprofits
- Mini-Consulting and Nonprofit Briefing
- Training Workshops Series
- Implementation Plan Development
- Post-Workshop Review


"Thank you for your time and your contribution. Your professional knowledge is valuable and is a useful element to help our organization move forward."
Roy Wong, Senior Project Officer, Joyful (Mental Health) Foundation Limited

"The volunteer consultants are talented managers that commit their extra time to better NGOs. They themselves are truly the charity volunteers, really."
Marcy Trent Long, Board Member, Zigen Fund

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