Since the introduction of our pro bono consulting and training programs in 2008, Asian Charity Services (ACS) has served over 300 registered nonprofits in Hong Kong, 104 of which have completed our training workshops.

Each nonprofit that ACS and its volunteer consultants have served has gained valuable learning and developmental insights, and their take-away varies depending on the kinds of individual organizational challenges the nonprofits are faced with.

Below are some examples of notable changes which took place within the nonprofits following the ACS workshops:
- Increased fundraising levels to support the new facility by merging two nonprofits
- Re-energized and re-engaged board, increased board giving through better communication of mission statement, development of board manual and job descriptions
- Gained major corporate donor by rebranding the organization and spinning off of program
- Reduced 25% of non-core programs as a result of shift in program focus, donor and beneficiary needs


"Your fruitful suggestions and comments are highly appreciated. What I most appreciated is that all of you have interviewed our donors, researched useful resources for us."
Chow Tze Ki Katy, Children and Youth Team Supervisor, Harmony House

"It is a true gift...a fantastic opportunity to regenerate and focus and should remind one to brain-storm regularly. It's not all about board meetings."
Sandra d'Auriol, Director, Child Welfare Scheme

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